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Reformulated for the 4th edition of the event
Motorclássico Fair presents New Image
The organisation of Motorclássico Fair has decided to reformulate its image for the 4th edition. According to the organising committee of the event, this reformulation "has not only helped to make the image simpler, more direct and modern, but also to make it more coherent with the course we wish to pursue and with the other events also organised by Museu do Caramulo", such as the Caramulo Motorfestival.

The organisation of the event defines the main changes that have been introduced: "the logo received a new strength, being simpler and with a greatest link to the motorised world. Another change is the fact that we are using motorcycles in the campaign, because the salon is for cars but also for motorcycles, and sometimes, this idea was not so clearly transmitted".

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2007.04.19 | RTP's Mercedes-Benz in Motoclássico Fair
2007.04.17 | BPI sponsor Motorclássico Fair
2007.04.10 | Caramulo Motorfestival present at Motorclássico
2007.04.05 | Salazar's cars at Motorclássico Fair
2007.04.02 | Antena 3 sponsor Motorclássico Fair
2007.03.26 | Nova Expressão sponsors Motorclássico Fair
2007.03.13 | Vintage Guide 2007 released at Motorclássico Fair
2007.03.02 | SOV sponsor Motorclássico Fair
2007.02.22 | XBox 360 joins Motorclássico Fair

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