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First television exterior shooting brake car in Portugal
RTP's Mercedes-Benz in Motoclássico Fair
The first exterior shooting brake car used by the Portuguese Television (RTP), a Mercedes-Benz car aged 50 years and a unique model in Europe shall be exhibited at Motorclássico Fair to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of RTP.

The exterior shooting brake car that came to the service of RTP, right after the birth of the Portuguese public television, has been build in 1957 at Mannheim, Germany. The Mercedes-Benz, model LP-312/36, with the Portuguese registration number GD-61-21 has been specially conceived and transformed to allow the exterior television cover of outdoor events.

The restoration, which took more than one year, has comprehended mechanic, electrical and armour recovery works. The major part of the interior and exterior fixtures have also been rehabilitated or replaced, notably in what regards wooden fixtures which cover great part of the interior and some strongest points of the truck. The fillets and stuff have also been recovered with original materials. Due to the detail and rigour of the restoration work undergone, the car has the same aspect as it had when it first arrived at RTP. The restoration of the car has been developed within the ambit of a protocol established between RTP and Mercedes-Benz Portugal.

With a maximum speed of 76 km/h, the fiftieth anniversary car has a diesel 6 cylinder engine, with a power of 100 cv. The average consumption is of approximately 14,9l/100 km.

Engine: type OM 312
Number of cylinders/format: 6 in-line
Power (cv): 100 cv at 3.000 rpm
Weight: 382 Kg
Type of fuel: Diesel
Tank capacity: 92 litres
Maximum speed: 76 km/h
Drive: Rear wheel drive
Transmission: manual gear box with 5 gears

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